Great value lottery program That government lottery dealers must have.

Best Lotto Program 2021 For small lottery dealers who want to win and profit every installment, the government lottery program helps you key the lottery quickly. Hedge overtime. Easy to see lottery pickup Check the prizes and see the profits cleared for the lottery sender, suitable for playing lottery numbers in all sectors. See how to use it for a second, guaranteed satisfaction, take care throughout use, buy once and finish++ (online version soon)

Tips, iron rules, being a lottery dealer ??

All lottery dealers. The  most important tip is:

“Diversification of lottery numbers” Yes, you have to try to get as many lottery tickets as possible, but the important point is that there must be a similar average amount of bookmaking. On each door of that type of lottery, too.

advise Lottery program

Since each bookmaking number is large and there are many types, but the time limit will be summed up in time to know how many total numbers each door has. The closer the lottery is, the better. If any dealer who has any numbers gets all of them, then the customer wins the highest entrance door, can’t beat the lottery out to the other dealers in time. It’s already caused a lot of losses to dealers. If you’re still using just calculators and excel programs,   it’s not worth what you’re going to lose!!


Lottery Program Highlights

“Simpler, better, all-rounder”

Set up each lottery category, all automatic doors.

  • Top   2, Bottom 2,   2 Toddlers,   2 On The Face,   Top 3,   3 Toddlers,   4 Toddlers,   5 Toddlers)
  • Set up special lottery tickets for certain numbers. Want to receive more/less than regular numbers
  • Close the door lottery numbers that you do not want to receive. If accepted, it will be automatically overloaded.
  • Always change the receipt amount until the reward is checked to achieve the desired receipt.

Key to lottery pickup quickly

  • All lottery numbers can be placed in one line, no need to open a new menu.
  • Easily fix/delete wrong lottery numbers The system automatically calculates the total amount.
  • Key numbers can be the whole lottery.
  • (1 number, 2 numbers,  3 numbers, 4 numbers,  5 numbers)
  • Can help reverse automatic lottery numbers (set of silver key)

run-floating-embroidered-front-middle-embroidered-back-embroidered-lower-lower-back-2-number-2-back-2-on-the-top-lottery-bottom-back-2-lottery-3-straight-top-switch-back-3-digits-6-bottom-lottery-toddler-toddler-top-toddler-toddler-toddler-top-19-toddler-toddler-top-19-toddler-toddler-toddler-top-3-toddler-toddler-toddler-top-3-toddler-toddler-top-3-toddler-toddler-top-3-toddler-toddler-toddler-top-3-toddler-toddler-toddler-top-3-toddler-toddler-top-3-toddler-toddler-top-3-toddler-toddler-toddler-top-19-toddler-toddler-toddler-top-19-toddler-toddler-tod Drag the top back on the Set page on the lower embroidered page. Drag Bottom Embroider the lower face, embroider the lower back. Drag the bottom page 19 lower doors. Drag Bottom Back

Separate the lottery sender’s book to see a summary of each sender’s lottery pickup.

  • The booklet can be accepted to the lottery partner.
  • According to your custom %
  • You can add a small lottery partner to how many.
  • %and number can be divided by each lottery category.
  • (top 3,  top 2,   bottom 2)

You can send a full volume first. For the dealer, then give the partner according to the specified %

Separately, print the lottery cutter and send each amount to the lottery partner.

Rightly and just in time.

Don’t worry about splitting the lottery partners anymore.


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